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Appload is used by developers ranging from large organizations to small and medium enterprises to develop and maintain apps. It gives a world-unique opportunity to secure service, support and updates to apps regardless of who developed them. The use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript development becomes more flexible and Apploads different templates also makes it possible for developers to quickly bring up a good looking and functioning app without a lot of hassle.

Appload is cross-platform and modular, allowing developers to have full control and use the parts of Appload to suit the current project. Appload is based on web standards for developers to recognize themselves and so that the apps that are developed will be better.

"Appload is a unique series of products that makes maintenance of apps easier and more efficient during the entire app lifecycle. "- Jonas Löfgren, CEO MyWidz

We are building up a network of skilled developers who knows Appload. We have a large number of requests to make apps using Appload and we gladly mediate the framework and tools to the developers who knows our platform.




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