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With Appload, developers can quickly and easily develop an app that works in iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This is thanks to Apploads unique hybrid technology. All that is required is knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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The app is also easier to maintain for a long time as it only requires adjustments in the same code for all phones on the market. Hybrid apps are a mix out of native and web, as illustrated in the picture above. Hybrid apps use the native features that developers want which you also can see in apps that are coded in ObjectiveC (iOS) or Java (Android). Another advantage of a hybrid approach is that it is also possible to deploy apps via the respective App Stores in the different operating systems on the market. Something that native apps does not manage is to get updates directly in an app without a need to release the app again to App Store or Google Play. This is possible with Appload. It only requires knowledge of web development to develop an app using Appload. Using templates that Appload also provides opens up for developers to quickly get up a responsive app, with native-feeling, with the features that users are looking for (such as integration with social media, sliding menues, GPS positioning etc.), and also connecting app data with data from an existing CMS if desired. Developers can also choose to develop the app using JQuery plugins, making the coding more flexible, and it opens up to do just the cool effects and features that users expect in modern apps.

HTML5 offers developers tools such as the offline functionality, geolocation API, canvas drawing, CSS3 and more. With CSS3, there is also the possibility of developing responsive interfaces, thanks to media queries where the developer can specify the conditions so that, for example, screen width and pixel-resolution and then adapt the design accordingly. Appload also have libraries ready to simplify so that developers can quickly get started and get a great app up and running for all mobiles in the market.


Appload also offer plugins for service-connection to most known CMS on the market, such as EPiServer, Joomla, Drupal and more. It enables developers to connect the app's data with the company's existing data from the website using simple code snippets (plugins). Several well-known companies already use these plugins for its app data today.

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