Appload Management System consists of:

Appload Enterprise
A framework (SaaS) for rapid and efficient development of mobile apps. Appload combines HTML5, CSS and JavaScript with the native code from Apple / iOS, Google / Android, Microsoft / Windows 8 and others. Appload gives full freedom of choice how apps are built in web code and / or Native code. The app can be published in the respective App Store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Window Market and others) but also directly through the Internet. Apps can use the mobile phone's underlying hardware features such as push notifications, offline mode when having poor Internet connection, camera, calendar, contacts, GPS (geolocation), and more.

Appload Enterprise lowers development costs by 20% while the user gets apps with native-feel and functionality.

Appload Cloud
A cloud-based service that takes care of the long-term management of enterprise apps. Appload Cloud provides control over the apps and their maintenance while cloud service lowers management costs by 80%. The cloud service apps are updated automatically when new versions or updates of the operating system comes out, and when new mobile phone models released in the market. Appload Cloud streamlines and automates the apps which saves the company both time and money and provides opportunities to instead focus on the app's purpose and target group instead of the apps packaging, content and user experience.

app lifecycle

Appload Management System:
- Smart apps. Nicely designed for all mobiles
- Future-proof technology
- Effective integration with existing corporate systems
- SLA (Service Level Agreement) on app-level, regardless of platform
- Automation of future updates to support the operating system or mobile phone

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